FLASH Tattoos

Deceptively realistic Tattoos in gold and silver,
for any ocassion – made in germany

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Remove labels
easily and
reuse again?

HERMA labels with Movables technology®
make it possible: they can be peeled off
without leaving residue and can be reused. 

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HERMA design

✓ Designs for any ocassion -
   customize easily

✓ No need to spend time taking
   measurements and setting up
   label template

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Locate suitable labels in just a few clicks:


With a comprehensive range of know-how we guarantee quality: from self-adhesive materials over self-adhesive products and industrial labels right up to labelling machines, we have the perfect solution.


When it comes to labelling, with HERMA nothing is impossible. For more than 100
years, we offer with a wide product range the right label for every application.


Fun and functionality in perfect harmony.
With the school products, HERMA captures
the hearts of children, parents and teachers, according to the motto: "Colour your school!" More