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  • Gold labels made of glossy polyester film, on A4 sheets, self-adhesive
  • Exclusive and glossy, for anniversary and celebration labels, individual gifts, punchy presentations, prestigious product stickers
  • Water-resistant and dirt-repellent, reliable adhesion on all surfaces
  • Trouble-free processing thanks to all-round protective edge and optimum flatness
  • For laser printers and copiers, colour laser printers and colour copiers
  • Not suitable for inkjet printers
  • Free software solutions

Other variants

Format (mm) Colour Feature Labels/pack Item name
210 x 148 mm transparent film, matt, B4/C4 50 pcs.Labels transparent matt A4 210x148 mm film 50 pcs.
210 x 297 mm transparent film, matt 25 pcs.Labels transparent matt A4 210x297 mm film 25 pcs.
210 x 297 mm transparent film, matt 100 pcs.Labels transparent matt A4 210x297 mm film 100 pcs.
210 x 297 mm silver foil, glossy 25 pcs.Labels silver foil 210x297 A4 LaserCopy
210 x 297 mm gold foil, glossy 25 pcs.Labels gold foil 210x297 A4 LaserCopy
30,5 x 16,9 mm silver foil, glossy 2400 pcs.Labels silver foil 30,5x16,9 A4 LaserCopy
30,5 x 16,9 mm gold foil, glossy 2400 pcs.Labels gold foil 30,5x16,9 A4 LaserCopy
45,7 x 21,2 mm silver foil, glossy 1200 pcs.Labels silver foil 45,7x21,2 mm A4 LaserCopy 1200 pcs.
48,3 x 25,4 mm transparent film, matt 1100 pcs.Labels transparent matt A4 48,3x25,4 mm film 1100 pcs.
48,3 x 25,4 mm gold foil, glossy 1100 pcs.Labels gold foil 48,3x25,4 A4 LaserCopy