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Here you’ll find all the information you need about LabelAssistant online.


To be able to use LabelAssistant online you must update your browser.

Alternatively, you can use the Flash version of LabelAssistant online.

Save time!

It’s quick, personalised and free. Design your own labels right on the Web, whether you’re at work or at home. Just enter the article number and add your text and image. Print the labels on your own printer. That’s all there is to do. Custom-designed labels help you, organise your work and save time. Advantages of LabelAssistant online:

Minimal effort

No installation, no downloads, no updates: LabelAssistant online works with all operating systems and with all current Web browsers. All you need is a PDF reader. This Web tool is ideal for corporate networks and PCs – whenever you prefer not to install software or are not allowed to.

Easy to learn

LabelAssistant online lets you work in your customary Microsoft Office environment, using familiar functions. All the functions are combined in a single user interface and can be found without clicking back and forth: insertion of text and images, selection of colours, rotation and placement of objects.


Custom designs

Use the image button to upload your photos or logos. Then edit your picture: change the size or form, or rotate it. The label is always shown just the way it will appear when printed.

Mail merge

LabelAssistant online allows you to create whole sheets of labels as well as individual ones. You can even use a single design with varying information, as required in mail merge projects. In contrast to mail merge in MS Office, only three steps are necessary:

  1. Upload your Excel spreadsheet
  2. Select placeholders
  3. Check the preview.

Each label will contain a different address from the address list.

Save templates online

If you register, you can take advantage of an additional function: you can save your templates online. This gives you access to your templates from anywhere. You can edit them and save them for later use.

Reuse templates

Templates which you created with the previous version can be edited in the new version without any trouble. Log in the way you’re used to and open your templates in the new version of LabelAssistant online.

Print codes

You can also print QR codes and barcodes with only a few clicks. Just enter a web address or an EAN code – your QR code or barcode will be generated in a jiffy. You can also print different codes on a single sheet in mail merge projects.

Copy and paste

Do you want to use elements multiple times or copy them onto a different label? No problem. With copy & paste you're done in a flash.