Sticker MAGIC elks, felt

Product details

  • Self-adhesive decorative stickers made of special materials
  • For collection or for designing of presents, letters, or other things

Other variants

Feature Feature Sheets/pack Item name

Sticker MAGIC multicolored stars, diamond glittery
Angel silver Felt 1 Sticker MAGIC angel, felt silver
Christmas emojis Film 1 Sticker MAGIC christmas emojis, film
Christmas star Felt 1 Sticker MAGIC christmas star, felt yellow
Christmas symbols Stone 1 Sticker MAGIC christmas symbols, stone
Christmas Symbols Glittery 2 Sticker DECOR Christmas symbols, glittery
Christmas trees Felt 1 Sticker MAGIC Christmas trees, felt
deer Glittery 1 Sticker MAGIC deer, glittery
forest animals Glittery 1 Sticker MAGIC forest animals, glittery
merry christmas Glittery 1 Sticker MAGIC merry christmas, glittery